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Anti-money laundering regulations in Turkey 401

The other important element of anti-money laundering measures is suspicious transaction reports. ("STR") The suspicious transaction occurs if there is any suspicion on the assets subject to the transaction that they have been obtained illegally or used for illegal purposes. Besides, transactions, where obliged parties cannot identify the customers or receive sufficient information abo...

AML regulations in Turkey Law Firm 6650

Whilst AML regulations in Turkey is not a member of the EU, as a candidate country, it has adapted its money laundering legislation in line with developments in EU Directives. Turkish laws have not been officially harmonised with the Fourth EU Money Laundering Directive. However provisions from the Fourth Directive have been adopted such..

Should I Ignore Harassing Calls From Collection Agencies?

First and foremost, you should contact a debt collector harassment lawyer to represent you. Your lawyer will put a stop to the harassing calls from any collection agency. He or she may also advise you that it’s time to sue the collection agency in a court of law for any and all damages that they have caused you.

How to Find The Right Litigation Lawyer to Handle Your Case?

By: Abbey Law
Litigation lawyers, also known as trial lawyers, are professionals who can represent and defend a company or an individual with a lawsuit. They have expertise in litigation.

Know Your Water through Residential Water Level Sensor

Waterapp is an innovative app that helps track the water in your water tank and helps you know your water. The app is based on IoT technology which helps you explore your water quality, water quantity, and tips for water conservation. The residential water level sensor also ensures that the water, users get from their residents is safe and good enough for drinking. The water level sensors recei...


Transporting goods is one thing, but when facilitating farm animal shipping, a host of other considerations need to be taken into account. For one thing, the safety and well-being of the animals, and for another, how those animals are transported.

How To Upgrade Your Newly Bought Hotel Property

When you buy a new hotel for sale in NH, you should consider the following tips to make the necessary upgrades and improve the value of your hotel.

15 Key Steps How To Implement ISO 27001 For Data Security

The certification is usually accredited by an international organization that provides evidence about data security to the investors, consumers, and other parties related to the business.

Role Of Quality Management Certification For Small Business

A well-maintained quality management system also focuses on the organization’s goal and helps maintain continuous improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the employees. It will also help in lowering costs, reducing wastage, improving performance, and providing training from time to time for all the new and existing employees.

Top 10 Best Internet Providers in the USA

On the search for internet service and not sure where to look? This list will narrow down some of the better internet providers to go with. With there being so many options, many of the providers aren’t even worth looking at. However, there are some great backups, so you won’t get stuck with bad internet. This list will give you a better understanding of who the best providers are, and some, if...

Prestige Primrose Hills - 1 BHK apartments - 572 to 589 sq ft

Prestige Primrose Hills is a residential development project that provides a tranquil, high-quality living that is tailored to your tastes.

How ISO 27001 Certification Helps Reducing Cyber Crime

This certification is important for any organization as it helps in protecting the vital information of the clients and customers, as well as protects the image of the brand for being able to save the organization from cybercrime, vandalism/terrorism, personal data breaches, fire/damage, misuse, theft, and viral attacks. 

Projects in Sarjapur Road Bangalore

The Prestige City is a township project that spans over 180acres of prime location - Sarjapur Road.

Best Honeymoon Packages For Jammu And Kashmir.

Couples always want honeymoon packages services in popular areas for keeping their honeymoon as memorable as possible. In this case, famous areas of Jammu and Kashmir deal with the best honeymoon packages for Jammu and Kashmir. Moreover, due to having many attractive places that offer the best honeymoon packages for Jammu and Kashmir. Hence, the overall popularity of the best honeymoon packages...

The Points You Should Look Before Hiring An Third Party Inspection Company In 2022

In order to reduce this risk and stay legally compelled with the international standards, inspection from a third party company plays a crucial role and ensures that the products and services are up to the code and quality level needed for the processes to run smoothly and efficiently.

What Are The Main Stages of Preclinical Drug Development?

Integral Biosciences is the leading preclinical research organization in India. It has delivered premium quality drug discovery services for over 13 years and is renowned for its specialty in oncology and CNS based drug discovery.

What Is Pre-Shipment Inspection And What Does It Mean?

Pre-shipment inspections are conducted by trade operators (suppliers, buyers, and agencies) to review newly manufactured outcomes before they are dispatched for import/export.

How Achieving An ISO 9001 Certification Can Help You Meet Your Business Goals

ISO 9001 aims to deliver a useful and functional Quality Management System for enhancing and monitoring all parts of your business.

International law firm in istanbul

Turkish Information Technology Law Cosar & Akkaya has a well-known IT Law practice in Turkey advising to its national and international clients from the perspective of Turkish Law. Our practices includes both transactional and litigation work in Turkey Turkish Data Protection Law Cosar & Akkaya has been actively taken part in many personal data protection compliance projects at every stage...

Find 4 BHK apartments in North Delhi with the help of a real estate agent

By: mk2 india
The M2K Group is a leading Indian business organization with significant presence across diverse industries.
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